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Posted by Melissa Huntley on Feb 14, 2017 9:14:11 AM
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ACUITY- Asset Management Software Platform

Tired of searching for the next available hardware piece? What happens when you have inventory that isn't properly managed? A tangled, confusing mess of where your hardware is, how much is accounted for, and what other locations could have a spare part. We found that playing "Go Fish" was a huge part of someone's daily job - calling to different company locations and trying to locate a spare part that they need. 


ACUITY is an online software platform that enables business organizations to see and manage the entire lifecycle of their IT hardware assets to maximize capital cost avoidance. While providing a centralized visibility of assets, ACUITY analyzes and reports on a company’s real-time data so they can know immediately when to purchase, sell, deploy, repair, or recycle those assets. Coupled with the customer’s internal supply-chain methodologies, MDSi can develop, implement, and support processes specific to the customer’s growth and cost-avoidance strategies.



Now organizations can conduct “Triage at the Edge” on site and instantly determine—based on their own specific parameters—whether an asset should be redeployed to another location, kept as a spare, or routed to disposal.

“Traditionally, 25-50% of assets that are harvested, or decommissioned, have no value in the field and need to be scrapped,” said Shannon Payne, Vice President of Operations. “With ACUITY and ‘Triage at the Edge,’ businesses stand to reap substantial savings from forgoing transportation of these assets to another site for processing.”

ACUITY also is of particular benefit to engineers, enabling them to focus on planning and design instead of supply-chain matters. The interface presents engineers only with deployable assets and, with point-and-click ease, allows them to create their bill of materials and allocate assets to multiple install sites.

“ACUITY lets engineers be engineers, making it a simple process for them to create one order containing both reuse and purchased equipment,” said Payne.

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