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How Atlanta is Becoming a Smart City

Posted by Melissa Huntley on Apr 18, 2017 9:21:00 AM
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Hearing about the latest tech trends, IoT devices, and different network generations (I.E. 3, 4 and now 5G)  have dazzled us for years. We've upgraded our own personal technology through our smart phones, home devices, and even mobile transportation.  It's hard to imagine that our world is actually becoming "smarter for us to live easier lives and have greater accessibility to things.  Atlanta, GA is paving the way to becoming an even greater Smart City- Here's how


Before We Start- Let's Define a Smart City

There is not a true definition to what a smart city is because every city categorizes what being "smart" means and what is most important features to upgrade and enhance.  Whether it be environmental issues, speediness of public transportation, or faster internet, these components could all make up for a "smarter" city.  Every city can agree that the true reason for a smart city is to make our connectivity and living prosperity easier.



Atlanta Focuses on Transportation

Atlanta, GA is  known as the "Grid Lock" City due to the high density of cars and roadways not equipped to handle such capacity.  According to The AJC, a new study ranked Atlanta as the "eighth in the world for congestion, which an average commuter spending 70.8 hours in traffic each year."  As you can, when Atlanta citizens head into work, they become frustrated and angry about their long commutes. One network carrier, AT&T, wants to solve some of Atlanta's headache problems. AT&T and other companies and organizations are paving the path to making Atlanta's transportation "smarter." Focusing on infrastructure, there will be more monitoring and awareness of conditions of: roads, bridges, and expressways commute time. These conditions will be announced through greater mobile app technology, and give real time traffic information to commuters that are about to get on the road. Just as we saw with some other smart cities,  Atlanta will soon have mobile apps that let you know an available parking spot and how to reserve them before you even park. 

Not going to drive to work?  Through new-age signage and better utilization and technology of smartphone apps, Atlanta's new smart cities will let you know up-to-date bus or MARTA schedules. Commuters will have quicker accessibility to bus stops, and bus routes will be routed to avoid traffic delays. 

Atlanta is Going Green


Atlanta is one of the top cities in the country that focuses on energy efficiency. According to Jessica Saunders "The City of Atlanta is currently ranked number one in the country in the Better Buildings Initiative with 104 million square feet of building space committed to reducing energy and water usage by 20 percent by 2020, according to the mayor's office." These energy efficiency initiatives will come into play when Atlanta plans to build better air quality systems, transportation systems, and more economic recycling programs.  

Atlanta was chosen as one of the cities by the White House to be part of the  of the Smart Cities Initiative. Along with other major cities such as Columbus, Ohio and Chattanooga, TN, the initiative will invest more than $80 million into new smart cities. The initiative will help develop blue prints for green initiatives, transportation efficiency and major weather storms and power outages. 

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