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MDSi Updates, Blogs, News, and Events

All Wireless Carriers Are Created Equal: FCC Amends Mobile Broadband Service Rules

Posted by Melissa Huntley on Apr 6, 2017 9:24:40 AM
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The need for high-speed connectivity is at the greatest urgency in technology history. With so many people tapping into IoT or "smart" devices, our need for quick and efficient internet speeds are imperative. The FCC recently released a set of provisions to manage outdated rules which are applicable to the 800 MHz cellular band. To accommodate our need for high-speed connectivity, these provisions would help enforce mobile broadband, which includes Long Term Evolution (LTE).

"To accommodate continued skyrocketing demand for mobile broadband, the revisions adopted today will allow providers to use Cellular spectrum to provide mobile broadband service to the public more efficiently, reduce barriers to innovation and investment and ease administrative burdens. At the same time, the rules will continue to safeguard public safety operations" according to the FCC.

Provisions FCC Is Putting in Place
Whether you're in a rural or city setting, using 3G or 5G, the Commission wants you to have the same amount of bandwidth technology across the spectrum band. By regulating field strength, power measurement, and out of band emissions, the Commission will continue to ensure the fair treatment of all commercial wireless spectrum bands. The Commission will also make sure to ensure co-existence of cellular and neighboring public safety systems. They'll ensure this by retaining "Cellular-specific interference resolution rules and procedures and by engaging stakeholders via a public forum." In addition to these provisions, unnecessary rules and burdens will also be taken off of the shoulders of wireless spectrum bands. The difficulty of application filing and both domestic and international coordinator will be eliminated.



Banishing Legacy Rules for LTE

The main adaption of these new rules is the use of Long Term Evolution (LTE). Now widely deployed, LTE offers consumers high-speed internet connectivity. With many consumers owning at least 5 IoT devices, the need to stream videos, access the internet, and download applications are increasing. By lifting the heavy rules limiting wireless carriers that deploy LTE, it will enable them to meet consumer demands of high-speed mobile connectivity. 


Since first being filed in 2012 for petitions,  the ever-changing mobile technologies are at an all time high, and thus, wireless bandwidth and high- speed connectivity needs to reflect that. According to Commissioner Micheal O'Rielly "In permitting LTE on this band, we are, in effect, improving spectrum efficiency and facilitating mobile broadband deployment.  It also places Cellular spectrum on the same footing as other commercial services, such as PCS, AWS and 700 MHz. "


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