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Are Networking Cable Configuration and Device Problems Causing Trouble for Your Business?

Posted by IT-Service on Oct 27, 2014 9:45:00 AM

network configurationsCompanies requiring hardware or networking cable configuration at multiple sites have a big job to handle. Besides setting up the devices and fulfilling cabling needs, technicians must also meet specific component layouts to make certain each item functions appropriately. If required equipment must be shipped to individual locations, it is difficult for technicians to know what to expect and more time is necessary to finish the setup when something is not right. Does your business spend additional money due to dead on arrival components and an extensive amount of technician time? Are there ways to streamline networking cable configuration while still receiving a high-quality, fast setup? Many companies offer services geared toward saving your business time and money for these extensive site setups.

What Are the Advantages of Staging?

Equipment staging and networking cable configuration is a service companies may use to gain reliable technical expertise and avoid additional costs or time involved with unexpected failures or incorrect configurations at the site. The process involves setting up the required components in an ESD compliant, climate controlled lab where experienced technicians manage the configuration of each device along with checking its quality. This allows for defects, errors, and other unforeseen complications to be detected prior to setup. Once the network cabling, components, and configuration has been thoroughly tested, it is packaged for shipment directly to the site. As a result, each site receives tested, fully functional devices with the required prerequisites for a fast, reliable implementation.

Has your company began the process of configuring multiple sites only to realize equipment does not function appropriately or a configuration is simply wrong? It takes a vast amount of time to ship hardware back and receive a dependable piece of equipment. If a device is non-functional or networking cable configuration is wrong, technicians will have to spend a greater amount of time fixing the problem. Additional costs become exponential when you figure in multiple site deployments and your business could be spending far more time at each site than expected.

Staging reduces time and money in several ways as it provides a testing environment for eliminating problems prior to implementation. Various components of staging include:

--Hardware/Network Component Assembly
--OS/Application Installs
--Loading of Network Configurations
--Patch Installments
--Asset Tagging & Labeling
--Review of Engineering Configurations
--Equipment Inspections
--Serial Number Confirmation
--Testing & Return of Damaged Components
--Cabinet Building & Testing
--License Management

In summary, a number of problems can be alleviated prior to setup when this service is utilized. Technicians do not have to spend time assembling the components nor dedicate extensive hours to operating system, application, or patch installs. Not to mention, on-site technicians receive equipment that is immediately ready to be connected to the network. With staging, well-documented and ready-to-use devices are provided with the proper networking cable configurations, making numerous site setups reliable, easy, and affordable.

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