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Avaya Networking Products: The Dependability Your Business Needs to Succeed

Posted by IT-Service on Nov 7, 2014 9:40:00 AM

avayaAre your wireless, Ethernet, and network management components not quite up to par? Have you been considering an upgrade, but not wanting to spend more than is necessary to gain the required performance? Many companies turn to well-known names to acquire new and refurbished Avaya networking products as an option for gaining the right amount of innovation without spending too much on quality equipment.

One of the largest benefits offered by Avaya is the use of a standard-based virtualization technology. This technology is capable of drastically decreasing provisioning costs while delivering dependable policy enforcement, improved security, and enhanced management capabilities. With Avaya networking products, it is easy to implement the most innovative data center designs or remote configurations without compromising performance or experiencing higher costs. Upgrading equipment or implementing advanced technologies is simple when choosing to implement these products.

An Introduction To The Avaya Network Product Line
Avaya offers a complete network management line consisting of Ethernet routing switches, secure routers, and virtual services platforms. The 3500 series routing switches are perfect for small to midsize companies in need of supporting branch locations. These routing switches are easy to install, offer an automated set-up, and deliver certified one-minute plug-and-play for IP phones. Avaya hardware utilizes an intuitive management GUI as well to make configuration simple.

The 5000 series is capable of improving server-to-server performance and offers increased availability for Ethernet connectivity. It is a premium stackable chassis designed for data center, core, or edge use. This series is a versatile stacking solution with the ability to improve application performance at a lower total cost of ownership. If these small to midsize solutions are not able to fulfill current information sharing and management needs, then the 8800 series routing switch might be the better choice. This series is designed with the network core in mind and offers a versatile deployment solution capable of supporting technologies such as:

  • Virtualization
  • IP-VPNs
  • Multi-tenancy Architectures

The Avaya networking product line includes secure routing solutions that can be used to boost remote site quality, achieve cost-effective WAN connectivity, and for making use of robust IP routing capabilities. Secure routers offer data in addition to voice gateway services with abundant features. If you have been seeking a way to reduce server-to-server latency, improve application performance, or gain real-time provisioning, then the Avaya Virtual Services Platform is a viable option. The unique hardware architecture offered by this Avaya networking product can help you save capital while gaining increased service agility.

Whatever the need, you can be certain that Avaya networking products have a solution with the right features at the right price. If the cost is still a concern, it is worthwhile to consider purchasing certified refurbished equipment as it is tested against manufacturer standards as well as backed with a warranty. With Avaya, you receive quality, dependability, and exceptional performance. Contact a reliable refurbished hardware provider today to see how Avaya can help you reach your most difficult networking goals.

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