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Avaya Telephones: Communications Solutions for Small to Large Businesses

Posted by IT-Service on Nov 3, 2014 9:03:00 AM

avaya-voiceWhat makes these phones the top choice for small to large businesses? Avaya telephones calling features include:

--Call Duration Timer
--Call Forwarding
--Call Parking
--Call Queuing
--Call Re-routing
--Multiple Dialing Modes

Regardless of the implemented system, you can be certain everything needed will be available to manage internal or globally dispersed interactions. For conferencing, it is easy to establish a three-party conference or even a multi-party call. Hands-free calling, group listening, and various language choices are all part of the innovation offered by Avaya. The company delivers an extensive product line backed by a reputation for innovative, global solutions. This means that you can easily meet precise needs for maintaining productive, reliable communications regardless of business size or vicinity.

Finding the Right Avaya Telephones To Fulfill Business Goals

The 1600 Series IP phones deliver cost effective solutions with the familiar qualities necessary for meeting basic interaction needs. If a telephones compatible with IP Office at an exceptional price is desired, then the 4621 model is a great choice in new or refurbished condition. This particular phone delivers features such as:

--24 Programmable Feature Keys
--Large Graphical Backlit Display
--Speed Dial
--Web Browser
--Integrated Switch Ports
--Integrated Headset Jack
--10/100 Ethernet Connection
--TCP/IP DHCP and Static IP Clients
--Voice Media Encryption

Additional digital desk phone solutions offered from Avaya include the 7000 Series and the Definity telephones. The 7000 Series digital desk phones provide the durability, reliability, and flexibility your business requires to gain user-friendly features capable of suiting any business environment or user. Caller ID, conferencing, advanced call management capabilities, and voicemail are just a few of the perks you can expect from this series. Phones in this line deliver exceptional voice quality, reliable signals, and are designed to minimize interference. Definity phones offer the same reliability with a digital display, programmable buttons, and a 2-line 24-character LCD.

As you choose the right phone system components it is equally imperative to buy from a reliable provider who understands the product and is fully capable of supporting it. Avaya telephones are top of the line equipment for fulfilling a number of communications goals; however, buying all new devices can be very expensive. A dependable, experienced provider of refurbished equipment can drastically cut down this cost so your business does not have to compromise on quality or features. If you are in need of innovative, feature rich communication tools, but do not want to invest in a new system, refurbished in an option for gaining reliable equipment at a lower cost. It is also a choice for individual component replacement as desk phones reach their end of life. Make certain to choose a provider with a wide selection and the support services you need to stay on top of the competition.

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