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Cisco Networking Products: Secure, Performance-Driven Hardware for Your Business

Posted by IT-Service on Nov 10, 2014 9:55:00 AM

cisco-networkingAs technology advances, so does the need for components capable of supporting multiple forms of media and the latest networking devices. Global work environments make it imperative for businesses to have secure, high-availability components capable of supplying a constant data connection with reliable access. Cisco networking products include catalyst switches, routers, and security devices designed to help companies achieve reliable, secure connections. These products are designed to aid in accomplishing three goals:

--Application Integration
--Process Improvements
--Intelligent Network Foundation

Application integration is essential with the vast multitude of media and devices utilized by companies today. Cisco networking products provide several options for accomplishing integrated security, enhanced collaboration, and better mobility. Cisco delivers a more unified, systems approach for attaining higher quality of service, exceptional network resource utilization, and universal security. Cisco devices provide a highly reliable option for companies of all sizes when implementing a secure, integrated device is a top priority.

Catalyst Switches: Flexibility at Its Finest
Catalyst switches offered by Cisco remain a popular choice because they can be used to accomplish a variety of networking objectives. They come in two basic forms, fixed or chassis-based, with an extensive conglomeration of features depending on the model. Fixed configuration models have a set number of ports housed in a fixed chassis consisting of an internal switch processor. These models are lower in cost than chassis-based choices and are easier to deploy; however, they lack the flexibility that some businesses need to accomplish networking objectives. Fixed configuration models include the following series:


Some of these models have been discontinued by Cisco, but are obtainable through a dependable refurbished hardware provider. Chassis-based models utilize a chassis as the base point making it possible to add each needed switch component as needed. These products offer a higher degree of flexibility, simplified management capabilities, and a longer usage life. Chassis-based models include the 4000, 4500, 4900, 5000, 6000, 6500, 8000, and 8500. Because these Cisco networking products are higher priced than fixed configuration options, it is a viable option to consider buying them from a certified provider of refurbished hardware to gain the additional benefits of the flexible Cisco model.

Why Buy Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE)?
MDSi is a Cisco authorized partner with the ability to provide Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE). With savings of up to 80% off list, CCRE is worthwhile to consider as a networking option especially if you are subject to budgetary constraints. CCRE hardware provides the next-best alternative to new hardware as it provides the same levels of quality and customer support. All hardware goes through an extensive refurbishing process and utilizes fully authentic Cisco components. Beyond the thorough testing process, CCRE networking hardware often provides the same warranty and support that new Cisco provides.

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