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Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers: Enterprise-Class Performance You Can Count On

Posted by IT-Service on Apr 23, 2014 4:59:00 PM

ciscorackserverCisco UCS C-Series rack servers are designed to address specific workload challenges within an IT environment. They deliver a unified computing solution with an industry-standard form factor and offer reduced cost of ownership in addition to increased agility. Each product meets defined workload challenges by providing the proper balance of:

  1. Processing
  2. Memory
  3. I/O
  4. Internal Storage Resources

If you have been seeking a low cost, balanced solution, then Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers provide the perfect mix of features and capabilities. The product line offers enterprise-critical, enterprise-class, and scale-out solutions designed to meet defined workload requirements.

Enterprise-Critical Solutions

Enterprise-critical Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers include the C460 M4, C460 M2, and C260 M2 product lines. The C460 M4 is a four-socket, four-rack unit server capable of meeting high demand enterprise or mission-critical workloads. It is an ideal solution for large-scale virtualization or database application needs.

If you are seeking a high performance rack server, then the C460 M2 is a great choice as it offers the same four-socket, four rack-unit characteristics and is designed to accommodate data-demanding applications as well as virtualized workloads. The C260 M2 rack server is an industry-leading, high-density product option consisting of a two-socket, two rack-unit setup capable of fulfilling the demands of enterprise-critical workloads such as storage services, online transaction processing, or data warehousing.

Enterprise-Class Solutions

Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers also offers several enterprise-class product choices including the C420 M3, C240 M3, and C220 M3 rack servers. The C420 M3 delivers a high-density, four-socket solution with compute, I/O, storage, and memory-intensive support for stand-alone or virtualized applications. If performance and expandability are the IT goal, then the C240 M3 can manage a wide variety of storage-intensive workloads ranging from big data to collaboration needs. The C220 M3 is a one rack-unit offering enhanced performance and density to meet a number of business workloads including fulfillment of distributed database needs.

Scale-Out Solutions

Expandability goals are easily achieved with the C24 M3 or C22 M3 Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers. The C24 M3 is a two rack-unit, two socket server designed to reduce total cost of ownership and provide beneficial internal expandability capabilities. It can be utilized by storage-intensive infrastructure workloads ranging from web services to big data. If you desire a density optimized solution, then the C22 M3 provides the same economic value for varying scale-out workloads in a number of IT environments.

Increase Infrastructure Capabilities Without Overspending

Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers offer a little something for every organization seeking to expandability or increased performance. Each product line delivers benefits for decreasing total cost of ownership, managing virtualized environments, and meeting mission-critical needs. They use the most recent Intel Xeon processor line for dependable, fast performance and deliver the features businesses need to get more from an IT environment without the additional cost. If your organization is seeking a cost effective server to fulfill expandability, performance, cost, or density optimization needs, then the Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers are a the optimal implementation choice for any infrastructure.

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