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Juniper Networking Products: Increased Value At a Lower Cost

Posted by IT-Service on Nov 14, 2014 10:10:00 AM

juniper-networkingHave you been seeking resilient, manageable networking components, but do not know where to start? Juniper networking products are an option for meeting your connectivity and security goals without extensive overhead. Juniper hardware has been utilized in various different industries such for years due to these qualities:

  • Zero Impact Network Failover
  • Improved Controller Management
  • Simple Expansion & Management
  • End-to-end Mobile Device Support
  • Advanced Radio Frequency Intelligence
  • Flexible Traffic Forwarding Architecture
  • Unified Security and Policy Control
  • Exceptional Guest Management

WLAN products specifically offer increased resiliency by utilizing a hitless stateful failover solution to ensure minimal to no impact. Juniper wireless LAN systems automatically failover to a backup controller to prevent service disruption. A reduced controller count, combined with a well-structured architecture, makes these solutions cost effective as well as simpler to manage. With Juniper networking products, your company receives a dependable solution with the security features and sensibility necessary for managing any sized infrastructure.

What Makes Juniper Networking Products Unique?
Juniper networking products include a complete line of routers, security solutions, switches, and wireless products to meet your company’s specific goals. The product line offers increased manageability by allowing controller groups to be administered as a single entity. This makes it easy for a business to achieve a manageable, scalable network with less resources and improved control. Expansions or changes do not impact user sessions and may be fully automated to make the transition easier. These qualities put them above the competition when it comes to networking hardware:

  • Silicon Design
  • Unique Operating System
  • Utilized Architecture
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

Juniper networking products also combine mobile device management with advanced security features to simplify the process of bringing devices onto the network and maintaining the required amount of protection. Additional advantages offered by Juniper networking products such as routers are high performance, increased flexibility, and improved scalability. Advanced controller management makes it easy to manage an increased number of devices with less effort. The products are able to fulfill a broad spectrum of business needs at a finer level of control than the competition. Consolidation features make it simple to reduce costs while maintaining an easy to manage environment.

Whether you need a router, switch, or complete security solution Juniper networking products have an answer. If you are considering the purchase of a new component but initial investment cost is a concern, certified refurbished devices are a popular alternative for upgrading your environment. A quality provider puts these devices through rigorous manufacturer-based testing to ensure each component is just as it was when it first left the factory. Every refurbished piece of hardware is tested, restored back to its original configuration, offered with a limited warranty, and sold at a fraction of the cost.

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