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Juniper Routers: A Selection for Every Need

Posted by IT-Service on Aug 8, 2014 1:58:00 PM

Juniper routers are a secure and scalable networking product designed for meeting the intense needs of small to mid-size companies, enterprise businesses, or service providers. These products are designed to deliver a comprehensive, scalable solution for secure network routing. Each Juniper router along with other products runs on the same Junos operating system to ensure consistency and reliable behavior. The product line entails a vast selection of routing hardware including the:

  • SRX Series
  • E Series
  • M Series
  • T Series

If your company has been seeking a reliable network hardware provider, Juniper is ideal for any business. The provider delivers reliable products, puts extensive focus on research, and has a specific commitment to networking technologies. Every Juniper router is built to perform exactly as needed at a price any business can afford. Juniper routers use Juno, which provides a modular design in addition to single train compatibility for simplified device management.

SRX Series

SRX is a line of service gateways for integrated, enterprise-class security. It is a great choice for small businesses or any company needing exceptional branch office support. The SRX100 is ideal for delivering services to small sites such as enterprise branch offices or managed telecommuniting facilities. It contains 8 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet ports in addition to a USB port capable of supporting 3G as a WAN backup method. On the higher end, the SRX210 is a sound solution for any branch site that requires local 1 GbE switching.

E Series

E Series products are a broadband services Juniper router designed to provide reliable performance for meeting stringent service level agreements. They make it easier to meet the demands of elevated customer expectations often experienced with Internet access, video on demand, voice over IP, and interactive applications. Every E Series Juniper router uses a multi-processor packet forwarding architecture for incremental processing power as traffic increases. The line offers several product choices for easy fulfillment of specific access demands.

M Series

M Series Juniper routers are a multiservice edge solution that combines IP/MPLS capabilities with qualities such as reliability, security, and service richness. They are an ideal solution for enterprise environments or service providers as these routers can be deployed in a number of environments. M Series Juniper routers offer several models spanning from 10 Gbps to 320 Gbps throughput and are able to support a variety of access types including ATM, Ethernet, and TDM.

T Series

The T Series is a set of core Juniper routers capable of providing the power and supportive features necessary for meeting growth changes created by mobility, social media, or video applications, which generate larger demands on bandwidth. These products deliver the flexibility and scalability necessary for converging networks into one robust infrastructure. They additionally deliver a multiservice core for greater performance, flexible architecture, and minimized expenditures.

Juniper routers offer a wide range of choices for meeting the routing needs of small to enterprise businesses. Additional product options include the MX, ACX, CTP, PTX, and TCA Series. Each Juniper router line is designed to meet specific needs making it important to evaluate current access and traffic routing demands before choosing a product for your business.

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