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Juniper Wireless Networks: Secure, Reliable Access Management

Posted by IT-Service on Nov 22, 2014 10:51:00 AM

juniper-wirelessWireless LAN/WAN solutions seem to be a dime a dozen, but how do you choose the right product and provider for your networking needs? Who offers the most value for dollars spent? Which provider delivers the most dependable, secure devices on the market? Is there a way to cut costs without jeopardizing your network? As access or management needs change, many businesses struggle to determine what hardware and providers have the most to offer. Juniper wireless network products are a cost effective, reliable option over spending more for equivalent hardware. Solutions made available by Juniper are capable of meeting the demands of a small retail location or extensive networks of a Fortune 500.

Juniper wireless network products include LAN controllers and access points with abundant features. These products supply various failover features to ensure outages do not significantly impact users. Additionally, Juniper wireless networks offer seamless mobility by ensuring a signal is available at all times. Access points are designed to automatically adjust settings to accommodate a failed device for continued signal as repairs are completed. The utilized Smart Mobile architecture delivers a number of benefits including:


  • Enhanced Signal Integrity
  • Better Resource Availability
  • Dependable Mobility
  • Increased System Reliability
  • Easy Management


As networks continue to manage more mobile connections in geographically dispersed locations, it is important to have reliable access points and controllers for the job. With these demands, companies also need secure devices capable providing the right amount of protection. Juniper wireless network products have become well known for the secure, scalable environment they promote.


An Introduction to Juniper Wireless Products
Juniper wireless LAN controllers are designed to deliver seamless integration of scalable WLANs with wireless infrastructures to ensure non-stop availability and mobility. The WLC Series makes it simple to manage wireless local area networks (WLAN’s) with exceptional reliability, security, and performance. Integration of wireless LANs is simple regardless of the wired infrastructures size or requirements. They are a great option in small branch office environments or for large enterprise management. If you are seeking a branch office solution, these two models are an ideal choice:

  • WLC8 – Supports 12 APs, 2 10/100BASE-t.6 or 10/100 PoE ports, and offers redundant power options.
  • WLC100 – Supports 4 Base (32 Max) APs, 2 1000BASE-T or 2 1000BASE-T PoE ports, and Etherchannel resiliency options.

Additional choices are provided to meet the requirements of larger enterprise or campus implementations with a greater number of ports and supportive features. WLA Series LAN access points offer a seamless solution for client access, spectrum analysis, or bridging. They deliver 802.11n support to ensure scalable mobility for indoor or outdoor deployments. Access points support the following wireless protocols:

  • 11a
  • 11b
  • 11g
  • 11n

These products also support local switching, come with internal antennas, and status indicators. Product selection is important as the WLA321 model only supports indoor single radio applications and other models have indoor dual radio. The Juniper wireless network line has a wide plethora of choices designed to meet individual business needs.

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