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What Does a Shorter Server Life-Cycle Mean for You?

Posted by IT-Service on Mar 11, 2014 9:54:00 AM

recycle technologyIn our ever-dynamic technological world, equipment considered state of the art today, can easily be outdated in six months. Case in point, ask yourself how often you change your cell phone or upgrade the software. We all recognize the benefit of embracing new technology, but often change can seem risky, especially when it comes to the brain of your operation, your server.

According to a recent Computerworld article, “New technologies mean shorter server life cycles,” more and more data centers are migrating to a 3 year server refresh. This may seem like an aggressive move from the previous 5 year model, but with enhancements and capabilities of new server technology, 3 years is becoming the new normal. The truth is, once there was a time where there was probably nothing more complicated for a business to perform than upgrading the server hardware.

However, with the increase in big data resulting from exponential growth in online programs, remote workforces, and even the elimination of hard copies due to green initiatives, infrastructure capacity needs are growing. One answer to this is the virtualization of your environment and consolidating multiple physical servers into one. This can be very costly upfront, especially if you have a large bed of servers and data, but future costs are lower with less physical servers to refresh.

In a small-to-mid environment, virtualization may be less feasible due to the size of the network, however there is still the need to refresh or add hardware to meet industry needs. Also, as software is updated, newer hardware is needed to realize full functionality. As new or additional IT hardware is needed, the question becomes what you do with existing gear.

As you are probably already aware, just because hardware is end-of-service to you, does not mean that it is end-of-life. Many times there is still a large amount of value in the marketplace for your hardware. The problem companies usually face is that they are not experienced in the marketplace, they are dealing with a vendor that only serves one OEM, or they rely strictly on online channels. Ebay and Amazon pricing does not usually dictate the true value of your hardware.

The answer is working with a third-party IT partner that has a larger view of the marketplace, can give you true-market value for your assets, and has the ability to source hardware from any OEM. If you are more interested in extending past the 3 year mark than refreshing, they also have maintenance programs in place to support your gear. A leader in IT lifecycle hardware and services, MDSi can help you review your current inventory, make suggestions for improvement and walk you through your server upgrade so it does not have to be complicated. Contact their office today for a free quote.

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