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MDSi Updates, Blogs, News, and Events

When You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

Posted by IT-Hardware on Jan 17, 2014 10:11:00 AM

I have made a few observations lately – intensity levels spike significantly on the precipice of perceived or actual major issues or events. The mad dash to prepare the house before family comes so it looks as if no one actually lives there. Healthier diet 2 weeks before my physical as if that will reverse the other 50 weeks of nonchalant living. Cleaning the house the night before the cleaning lady I hired arrives.

All of these situations create the all hands on deck mentality, and coincidentally increase our stress, as we are “all in” for last ditch efforts. How much does this shift over into our work lives? Mad dashes to comply with ISO policies before the audit team arrive. Establishing our disaster recovery plan 48 hours before the storm hits – or even worse, 48 minutes after it has already hit.

Of course, all of these situations or their impending fear could have been avoided or at least minimized with proper planning and execution. This is no different when managing assets or inventory that is critical to our business. Reverse logistics and proper inventory/spares management programs are a must for the technology environment. As our deployments reach worldwide status and our projects become even more missions critical, we need to sustain our plan and persevere on a consistent basis.

Maintenance programs are no different. Warranties are great, but what are they really worth if hardware isn’t maintained properly? Or the better question is what are they worth if you have the wrong people maintaining them? Hardware maintenance is all about planning beyond the implementation and preparing for the problems that inevitably lie ahead. Combining your maintenance efforts with proper spares and inventory management is the best solution of all.

Inevitably, these solutions will not only reduce your stress but also the impact on your bottom line. As a major supplier of hardware, services, and maintenance MDSi works with our customers every day to help manage their IT lifecycle. With our PACT technology for your reverse logistics, spares management, inventory management and hardware deployment our IT solutions are focused on preparation and prevention, not procrastination. Contact us today so that you are prepared for tomorrow.

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