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Why Are Avaya Data Networking Solutions Valuable To Your Business?

Posted by IT-Service on Aug 19, 2014 9:48:00 AM

AvayaAre you seeking quality networking components capable of reducing energy usage, delivering a higher degree of availability, meeting scalability needs, and providing a lower total cost of ownership? As an enterprise communications systems global leader, Avaya provides several innovative business options for:

--Unified Communications
--Customer Experience Management
--Cloud Management

Avaya data networking products are designed to provide exceptional, enterprise-class availability, improved performance, and enhanced security to any-sized business. Avaya solutions have been optimized to allow businesses to enhance utilization of networking resources. They also deliver improved management capabilities for accomplishing mission-critical availability with a higher return on investment. On average, Avaya products enable businesses to achieve seven times resiliency for increased dependability, are forty percent more energy efficient, and cost about 50% less than hardware or services offered by competitors.

A Leader in Networking Innovation

Besides becoming the only supplier to move past the stackable terabit barrier, the addition of 10 Gigabit Ethernet capacity and acquisition of Identity Engines technology are a couple of examples of how this company strives to be the best. Avaya has continued to improve their technology and several options have been made available as part of the company’s portfolio including:

--Ethernet Switching
--Unified Branch
--Wireless Networking
--Access Control
--Unified Management

Avaya’s Ethernet switching line is known for complete coverage capable of supporting entry-level branch offices, data center server aggregation, and network core applications. The product line includes the only terabit-capable stacking solution available on the market today. Core switching components function as a gateway between users and applications to supply the highest level of availability. Features such as switch clustering decrease power consumption for reduced energy costs.

Unified Branch is a comprehensive line of products for gaining exceptional performance with improved service consolidation. With these solutions businesses are able to increase reliability, availability, and performance while achieving tighter integration between branch devices. Access control products improve security in both existing and virtual environments. Avaya currently offers an appliance-based solution specifically optimized for their LAN products built from the ground-up as an open, interoperable solution. Their Unified Management solutions deliver comprehensive management capabilities for voice, data, or multimedia applications by utilizing a common set of services for improved integration features. Unified Management ensures that components can be shared without definition or configuration repetition.

With the abundance of technology options offered by Avaya, it is easy to see why they are a global leader in networking components; however, why should your company choose them? Avaya data networking solutions are as much as seven times more resilient, offer exceptional performance, and provide approximately 50 percent less total cost of ownership over their competitors. Additionally, the company ranks second in the industry for installed ports and offers the most advanced line of stackable switches. Their solutions also require approximately 1/3 less equipment than the competition. If you are seeking a reliable, highly available, scalable, and low-cost option, Avaya data networking products are the most robust, performance driven choice!

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