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Why Are Avaya Voice Products A Solid Business Choice?

Posted by IT-Service on Oct 30, 2014 9:54:00 AM

AvayaAs a global leader in providing innovative business collaboration and communication solutions, Avaya Voice products offer companies of all sizes the right choices for meeting interaction needs. Whether your company operates at a global level or simply needs a better way to interact, Avaya has the perfect set of choices for satisfying these objectives. The company has made it a personal goal to deliver top of the line solutions in areas like unified communications, video collaboration, contact centers, networking, and more. As a reputable voice provider, Avaya focuses on helping customers collaborate better for improved efficiency and to alleviate the many challenges business face today in a complex, global work atmosphere.

Avaya Voice products use an open standards-based platform for easy integration within a multi-vendor, geographically dispersed environment. This allows businesses to utilize current investments and technology with these products to gain the right interaction tools for fast, reliable deployment. Avaya Voice products work well for businesses in any industry whether supporting ten employees or thousands in several locations. They are able to support a number of environments and goals including:

  • Unified Communications
  • Contact Center Environments
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Networking Initiatives
  • Global or Remote Environments

Avaya Voice products are offered as new equipment; however, many can also be purchased in a refurbished condition for additional cost savings. Among these are options for assisted experience management, IP phones, and video/conferencing products.

Understanding the Avaya Voice Products Line: Assisted Experience Management

This particular line offers a number of solutions to help companies achieve better communications and productivity. Avaya assisted management comprises of various services to help your business provide the most dependable call center support. Products deliver reliable, scalable communication solutions for a more productive customer service environment including:

--Call Center Elite
--Contact Center
--Experience Portal
--Performance Center
--Workforce Optimization
--Control Manager
--Intelligent Customer Routing
--Speech Analytics


Each is designed to provide a centralized point of operations for managing calls through one universal queue. The queue intelligently routes traffic to ensure calls are handled productively. Additional Avaya communication products are designed to deliver an all-in-one solution for enhancing business interactions. These include desk phones, mobile handsets, IP phones, and messaging services. Each can be combined for a tailored solution geared toward fulfilling your company’s specific needs at an affordable price.


Avaya also offers networking hardware designed to address the lack of resiliency, efficiency, and performance often seen with alternative providers. Ethernet switches deliver a wide range of Local Area Network solutions capable of meeting the needs of contact center, core, branch, or edge business applications. Routers or Virtual Private Network Appliances may be implemented to create a reliable, secure connection to branch locations. The line offers numerous wireless networking, access control, unified management, and virtualization choices. Whatever the goal, you can be certain Avaya Voice products have the right solution. By using a reliable hardware provider capable of supplying certified refurbished Avaya components, you can easily achieve communication goals at a fraction of the cost without worrying about equipment quality.

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