MDSi Updates, Blogs, News, and Events

MDSi Updates, Blogs, News, and Events

Houston, There's Not A Problem

Posted by Melissa Huntley on Jan 31, 2017 8:37:34 AM

Pictures, Videos, Live Streaming and Snapchatting will be imminent among football fans for Super Bowl Sunday. At the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, more than one million fans are predicted to participate in festivities surrounding Super Bowl weekend. During the first weekend of February, football attendees will want to take pictures and share their experiences with friends and the rest of the world. With limited cell towers and area coverage, how will the city of Houston be able to withstand so much data? And how will mobile internet access be available and stream data quick enough? Wireless carriers have started planning for this endeavor years ago. Here's what they're planning:

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We Loved Seeing You At the SCTE Cable Tec Expo!

Posted by Melissa Huntley on Oct 4, 2016 8:13:09 AM

Philadelphia- home of the cheese steak, Liberty Bell, and now the 2016 Cable Tec Expo. MDSI, Inc.. was honored to be featured at the 2016 SCTE Expo, and we genuinely enjoyed our experience. The conference was held at the beautiful and grand Pennsylvania Convention Center in Downton Philadelphia, PA.  We had a fantastic week of meeting and interacting with everyone there. We hope that everyone enjoyed the time they spent there and was able to learn about the latest trends in the cable communications industry. 

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MDSi to Exhibit at Cable-Tec Expo ’15,  Booth #2715

Posted by Jason Flomerfelt on Oct 1, 2015 11:41:00 AM

MDSi to Exhibit at Cable-Tec Expo ’15, Booth #2715, New Orleans, LA
MDSi to demonstrate Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions at the Cable-Tec Expo ‘15 with strategic partner Fulcrum Technologies.

Advancements in technology require Communications Service Providers (CSP’s) to upgrade network equipment frequently, resulting in unused equipment and excess inventory. One of the many benefits of asset lifecycle management (ALM) is recovering value from equipment and parts that are no longer needed for their original purpose.  As a leader in cost avoidance and asset management programs and services, MDSi looks forward to our annual participation in the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

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